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Diskcoin Mainnet has been officially online

Dear Diskcoin community members,

Since its launch, the Diskcoin project has been receiving much attention. After continuous development and testing, Diskcoin mainnet has been officially online. For everyone’s attention and support for Diskcoin, we expressed our heartfelt thanks to everyone

The mainnet online has a symbolic significance for the development of Diskcoin, the following contents will be released:


Now windows/Linux/MacOS system wallets are online. So users could choose the wallet according to your needs. https://diskcoin.org/wallet.html

Diskcoin wiki

The Diskcoin wiki is also officially online which includes the API, plot and mining tutorial. wiki https://www.diskcoin.wiki


The Staking mechanism of solo mining is online. For specific Staking tutorials and rules, you could click on the link to view: https://www.diskcoin.wiki

The Diskcoin team will continue to break through and innovate in technology, and we hope to create a new world with community developers and supporters.

Thanks again for your support and attention.

July 21, 2019