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Diskcoin Ecological Mining Pool Support Plan

The Diskcoin Foundation will launch the Diskcoin Ecological Mining Pool Support Plan.

Specific way: According to the comprehensive situation of the mining pool, the Foundation will stake a certain amount of DISC to it to increase it’s reward ratio

The mining pools which launched DISC can submit an application to the Foundation. In application emails, we will comprehensively consider from the following aspects. please fill in as much detailed information as possible:

  1. Team information

  2. The DISC amount held/Staked by mining pool (Please attach the address)

  3. Pool Reward Ratio

  4. Pool Capacity

  5. The number of users

  6. Website Construction

We will publicize the specific details, and in every month, the Foundation will inspect the mining pool, in order to add, delete, or modify the corresponding support.

Application Email: disc@diskcoin.org