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Diskcoin Wallet updated to version v0.1.7.9-6b1eff6

Dear Diskcoin community members,

Version v0.1.7.9-6b1eff6 fixed the showing bug and optimized performance:

Bugfix: bugs when unstaking
Bugfix: coinbase calculation
Bugfix: coinbase verification will start at height of 27000
Bugfix: fast PoC check

Feature: unstake fee changed to 0.001 DISC
Feature: add the -regtest option for quick testing
Feature: ./diskcoin-cli getaddrinfo “address”
Feature: add seeds dns

Kindly note that this is a mandatory upgrade for all wallets. If you do not update the wallet to the latest version, you are unable to mine after block height 27000.

Here is the link: https://github.com/diskcoin-apps-team/wiki/releases/tag/v0.1.7.9-6b1eff6

September 11, 2019